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We can talk about gorgeous views and chef's kitchens all day long, but oftentimes a school district dicatates the location of your next home. As a mother to 2 young children, I understand how important a school district can be in choosing a place to live. Here are some resources that will make the decision eaiser and, quite possibly, narrow the scope of your home search.

Please don't hestate to call or email me about choosing your next home in the school district that best supports the needs of your children.

Did you know you can search the Windermere Real Estate website by school district? Just type in the name of the desired school and the city into the Winderere Real Estate search bar. It's that easy!


Clickable map of Washington school districts.

Interactive map of Seattle area schools and rankings, which includes public and private schools.

Search for school district by street address.


Seattle School District Ratings can be found here and here.

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